Jazzy Brunch Was the Bee’s Knees

No More Empty Pots - Jazzy Brunch

The Jazzy Brunch held at No More Empty Cups on August 6th celebrated local foods from local farmers while highlighting MJER Help, a food entrepreneur who is growing their business in the shared-use kitchen at the Food Hub. Both familiar and new supporters enjoyed a locally sourced meal with seasonal cocktails accompanied by smooth jazz from Jalani Kianga & the Peace Tribe.

Our featured entrepreneur was Michelle J. Elson-Roza from MJER Help. Her business provides culinary services which focus on healthy and local foods so customers can “LIVE. WORK. LEARN. CELEBRATE.” Michelle and her team created brunch goodies from locally sourced ingredients in the shared-use commercial Kitchen at the Food Hub.

Jazzy Brunch Menu Highlights

After polling all the guests, the star of the brunch was the granola and honey yogurt parfait! NMEP is thankful for all of the community support. With a packed house, NMEP raised $950 to put towards local programs.

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  1. Thanks and we look forward to partnering again soon! Great article! MJER Help

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