The Entrepreneur Journey is a community-funded program to ensure that small business owners and aspiring business owners have access to the Ecosystem of Resources they need to reach their goals.

Your journey starts here.

When you participate in the program, a No More Empty Pots staff member works with you to learn where you are on your journey, what your goals are, and identify what resources you need to reach your goals. Each participant is paired with a Coach to help you along your Journey. We have learned that Coaches are a critical factor in the success of every business owner, regardless of how long you’ve been in business.


• Exclusive access to No More Empty Pots sponsored workshops and classes
• Opportunities to meet and learn with other small business owners
• 1: 1 access to Business Coaches
• Support with local food procurement
• Business promotion in NMEP medias
• Ability to rent Commercial Kitchen spaces
• Information on events and resources within the ecosystem

Ready for next steps?


In preparation of filling out the Inquiry Form to learn more, review the Business Growth Map below to determine what phase of business best describes where you are today. This, along with other information, will help the NMEP Entrepreneur Team have a starting point to connect you to the right coach and begin leveraging resources to move you from plan –> start –> grow!


If you think you’re ready to begin the process of entering into the program or have additional questions for the team, complete the Inquiry Form and schedule a Formal Follow Up to learn more. A NMEP Entrepreneur Team Member will connect with you within 48 hours of completing the form and scheduling your follow up. Still have questions? Contact fep@nmepomaha.org.

Do you or someone you know need an interpreter or translation support?


Commercial Kitchen Rental

Shared-Use and Production & Training Kitchens are available to rent by the hour for prep, production and storage and purchasing of wholesale ingredients.

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