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Local Foods. Training. Jobs. Entrepreneurship.

No More Empty Pots is a grassroots non-profit organization connecting individuals and groups to improve self-sufficiency, regional food security, and economic resilience of urban and rural communities through advocacy and action. No More Empty Pots strives to support communities in becoming self-sufficient and food secure through collaboration and adherence to our core values of:


Consumers, Producers
and Our Youth


Land Use and
Community Resources


Triple Bottom Line People, Planet, and Profit

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Peter Kiewit Summer Fun Program | Completely Kids participants with NMEP Youth Culinary Instructor Wes

Thank you for your generous gifts and support that closed the gap for Phase 2!

  • Mammel Foundation
  • Weitz Family Foundation
  • Omaha Restaurant Association
  • The Sherwood Foundation
  • Immanuel Vision Foundation
  • Richard Brooke Foundation
  • Holland Foundation
  • Peter Kiewit Foundation
  • Jewish Federation of Omaha
  • Jessica Warren-Teamer & Shannon
  • Teamer
  • Anonymous
  • Shirley & Dan Neary
  • Sunderland Foundation

This project is being supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number SLFRP1615 awarded to Douglas County by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Because of you

Youth, seniors, and food focused entrepreneurs are supported in the following ways:

The cafe for food distribution, workforce training, and entrepreneur pop-up space

The incubator for food business back office and creative support, including private conference room meeting space for staff and program participants

The kids kitchen for hands-on  nutrition education and STEAM activities

The rooftop garden for small scale intensive food production, educational classes, workshops and events

In a partnership with Creighton University’s Sustainable Energy Science students, monitor hub energy usage and develop a pathway for experiential  renewable energy training.

20200820_172914_HDR_Mia Plant
Planting on the NMEP Rooftop Garden

Phase 1 Gap: $0 – Shared-use & Production/Training Kitchens OPEN & OPERATIONAL

Phase 2 Gap: $0 – Construction Phase

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  • Anonymous
  • Nancy Mammel
  • Mammel Foundation
  • USDA AMS Local Foods Promotion Program
  • Shirley & Dan Neary (Friends of No More Empty Pots and Supporters of the Food Hub)
  • Donna Polk
  • Lucy & Doug Wilson
  • Peter Kiewit Foundation
  • Immanuel Vision Foundation
  • Carlynn Hartman-Kurtz Memorial Fund
  • Weitz Family Foundation
  • United Way of the Midlands
  • Omaha Restaurant Association
  • Armonia Fund
  • Wells Fargo
  • Anthony & Sara DeMars Cerasoli
  • 2016 Omaha Gives Donors
  • 2017 Omaha Gives Donors
  • The Sherwood Foundation
  • Annette & Paul Smith
  • First National Bank
  • Richard Brooke Foundation
  • Holland Foundation
  • 2018 Omaha Gives Donors
  • Jewish Federation of Omaha
  • Jessica Warren-Teamer & Shannon Teamer
  • 2019 Omaha Gives Donors

Total Investment All Phases:
$4.1 million*

Expected return over 5 years: Based on surveys and market research – Over $3 million in wages and benefits; over 6 tons diverted waste; 10% renewable energy; 5 new businesses, over 10 new jobs, 75 trainees; increased food security; better access to affordable local foods; improved nutrition education, self-sufficiency and economic resilience. Generate 70% of income needed to operate the facility within ten years of operations.
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