Omaha Street School Students Bond Over Apples

Omaha Street School - Apples

Imagine 100 pounds of apples somehow landed in your possession. What would you do? Make applesauce! This month, Heliana and Shania, students from the Omaha Street School, helped Kitchen Manager, Jessica and Culinary Workforce Training Participant, Dari turn 100 pounds of apples into a wonderful batch of applesauce. No More Empty Pots received 50 pounds of Jonagold and 50 pounds of Little Gold apples from Trees, Shrubs and More, a local orchard in Bellevue, Nebraska. In the Production and Training Kitchen in the NMEP Food Hub, the students got hands-on experience taking slightly bruised fresh fruit and turning it into applesauce, a value-added product.

Did you know that 100 pounds of apples makes 200 cups of applesauce?
That’s 400 servings of fruit shared with our neighbors and friends in need of good food.

Bruised and misshapened fruit often gets wasted because it does not look the way we expect it to look. Cooking and preserving fruits is a great way to save the ones that may not be picture perfect. Click here for a recipe to make your own delicious applesauce!

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