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If you’re in Florence on a Monday night, you may see the neon open sign flashing like a beacon at Cups Café at Florence. Inside, you’ll find your neighbors gathering with friends and family at Pay What You Can Happy Hour (PWYCHH). From 4pm to 8pm on Monday Nights, Cups Café and No More Empty Pots invite you in to come as you are and pay what you can.

This month, a customer came in for PWYCHH and asked, “Is it true that you can pay only what you can because I really would like a coffee but only have a dollar?” Café Manager Shelby replied, “Yes, you don’t even need to give me the dollar, you can just have the coffee.” They insisted paying their dollar anyway. Shelby and the customer got to talking more and asked if they would like to have something to eat or if they needed to take food home and provided vegetarian options. The customer was pleased because they are vegetarian and sat down to have a warm meal. They continued to share that their friend recently had a baby and wasn’t able to cook at home as much as they’d like. Shelby packed a big bag of Community Harvest Prepared Meals for the customer and their friend. The customer said that this was going to make their lives so much easier and has been back for Pay What You Can Happy Hour every week since.

It’s stories like these that remind us that food access is not always equitable in our community. “There is a need for dignified service.” says Café Manager Shelby. With the implementation of a pay what you can model, everyone who comes through the door is able to sit down and enjoy any meal or drink from the menu regardless of circumstance. To make sure we provide food to anyone who is hungry and food is not wasted, Cups Café provides all food on hand to customers. When we do this our customers can stretch their grocery budgets and incorporate more locally sourced and seasonal plant based ingredients into their diets all while stewarding our food resources and contributing to zero waste efforts.

In 2020, we look forward to continuing to serve in this way and are excited for expanding programming during this time starting with Out & About Story Time with Omaha Public Library Monday, February 3rd at 5:30pm. Be on the lookout for more intergenerational activities from storytelling to cooking demos and more.

Community Harvest meals are made for the community by the community. Local producers provide fresh ingredients made right here at home. Volunteers from students, to corporate groups to your neighbors and friends work side by side with No More Empty Pots professional chefs to prepare and package these delicious and nutritious microwavable ready-to-eat meals! Receive two meals per week per individual registered. Pricing as follows:

FULL PAY | $7.00 per meal
For individuals and families that do not meet the criteria for SNAP Match or Supported.

SNAP MATCH | $3.50 per meal
Dollar-for-dollar match for individuals and families paying with SNAP benefits.

SUPPORTED | $0.00 per meal
Individuals and families surviving cancer receive FREE meals courtesy of the Carlynn Hartman-Kurtz Fund.

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