Omaha Gives! Donors Support Culinary Workforce Development Class

In your generosity, you raised $12,250 for the first class of the 15 week culinary workforce development program. The funds will purchase supplies that include uniforms, knives, aprons, and instruction manuals for the first class of participants. The workforce program is set to launch in August 2017. With this training, un- and under-employed workers get hands-on culinary instruction and workforce development coaching to prepare for a job in food service job and advance their culinary education. Program participants will earn certifications that will make their skills more valuable in the workplace. Participants will spend four weeks in an internship to practice what they have learned on the job. And with the support of a licensed social worker, each participant will also get connected to other life-changing resources. Thank you for supporting pathways to self-sufficiency in our community.
We loved seeing everyone throughout the day on May 24. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by, here is what you missed. The day began at No More Empty Cups with Project Localize Program Leader, Neva Wolf, serving sweet pancakes with scratch-made local strawberry compote and savory corn pancakes with a marinated black bean salsa. The pancakes were made with Nicodemus pancake mix (available for purchase in the coffee shop) and served with specialty drinks designed by barista Jon Davis. The afternoon brought live music by “Bad Self Portraits.” Omaha Gives! events ended at the No More Empty Pots Food Hub featuring brown sugar spiced pork belly, fried local quail egg and crispy pancake appetizers served with basil lime spirited beverages by Chef Jessica Schultes, NMEP Kitchen Manager, and Chef Sarah Bleich, NMEP Food Hub Manager.

Omaha Gives! was a thrilling day to show appreciation for the many nonprofits and people who generously support them to make Omaha a better place. Thank you!

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