No More Empty Pots Food Hub Leadership Grows

Meet our Food Hub Manager, Sarah Bleich and Kitchen Manager, Jessica Schultes! We started serving food entrepreneurs in the food hub in April 2017. With the start of service and demand for kitchen space by local food entrepreneurs, we needed professional staff to run it.  We are fortunate to have so many talented chefs and food service professionals in our community.  After a competitive search, we are thrilled to welcome Sarah and Jessica to our No More Empty Pots family.

Sarah Bleich is originally from Southern California. Sarah grew up with food near and dear to her heart both through family and neighbors. After working in law firms for years, she quit and moved to Chicago and completed culinary school in 2010. Shortly after, she found herself working for some of  Chicago’s best chefs and realizing her love of “farm to table”. In 2015 she moved to Omaha to manage Provisions by The Grey Plume for friends, Clayton Chapman and Michael Howe. While running Provisions’ wholesale, she worked with No More Empty Cups for a short time so was very familiar with the mission of No More Empty Pots. When the Food Hub opened in April, she knew she wanted to be part of something that could change a community, as well as a city, so reached out to see how she could help. Her daughter is anxiously awaiting the Food Hub’s kids’ kitchen.

Jessica Schultes is from Carroll, Iowa, and has always had a passion for education. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Iowa. While studying abroad, her host family piqued her interest in food as a way of life and she decided to study Culinary Science at Metropolitan Community College. From there, she moved to Johnson and Wales University in Denver and obtained an A.S. in Culinary Arts and a B.S. in Nutrition with concentrations in Dietetics and Culinary Science. As the Kitchen Manager for No More Empty Pots, she looks forward to helping entrepreneurs and people new to the food industry achieve their goals.

2 Replies to “No More Empty Pots Food Hub Leadership Grows”

  1. TD says:

    Excellent resource for the Omaha Community!

  2. Aaron W. says:

    Welcome Jessica and Sarah!

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