Entrepreneurs Claim Power Through Knowledge with the Food Incubator Membership

When you build and support local businesses, communities are strengthened. Jobs are created, and local dollars grow as they move through our businesses and stores. The No More Empty Pots Food Incubator Membership provides entrepreneurs with workshops, mentorship, networking and growth opportunities.

Launching a business can be difficult. Food Entrepreneur Manager Britney Gibilisco says, “The biggest challenge I see entrepreneurs facing is trying to do too much right off the bat, like rolling out a vast menu with a variety of cuisines or jumping straight into purchasing space for a restaurant without a practical concept. This goes hand-in-hand with the challenges of building and pricing a profitable menu and understanding general business finances. One-on-one guidance and workshops covering topics such as menu planning and pricing, ordering and inventory, financial management, marketing concept development, and much more.”

When an entrepreneur builds knowledge and networks, they are better equipped for success. Novia Plummer, a member of the incubator, said the program is “very helpful and really helped me to think about what I’m not addressing/considering as I hone in on who my audience is.”
We’re excited for the17 current members to finish the program in April and to welcome more members like Novia in August. Incubator membership applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Culinary Workforce Training Program

Launching a new career through training and opportunity

The Culinary Workforce Training Program prepares individuals to enter the workplace as a well-rounded employee and equips them with skills to succeed in a career in the food and beverage industry. NMEP’s ninth cohort has spent the last 8 weeks in the kitchen, cooking and gaining skills. Soon, they’ll be moving into 4-week work experience placements among local businesses like Noli’s, Pitch, and Table Grace. As they close out their curriculum, new applications are coming in, and we’re excited to welcome new students into the kitchen.

Applications for Cohort 10 are open until March 5, 2020. If you or anyone you know is interested in a food industry career, apply now!

Generously supported by First National Bank and Mutual of Omaha Foundation and in collaboration with Metropolitan Community College Workforce Innovation Division.

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