Project Localize in Omaha Expands to Three Schools

Project Localize in Omaha is an educational program that helps classrooms identify and promote sustainable economic, cultural and social progress in their communities. In Project Localize we work with schools to engage students in local foods discovery at school gardens and nearby farms. Students share what they find in their own voice through artistic photo collage and editing in collaboration…

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LA Kitchen: Revealing the power of food

Recently, Susan and I traveled to Los Angeles to see culinary workforce training programs in action. The visit to LA Kitchen was fantastic! Robert Egger, staff and students were gracious hosts. It was day one for Class VI and we had the privilege to spend it with them, including my favorite – family meal! Listening to participants share their backgrounds and why they were there…

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Carlynn’s Chair

We were honored to be among the organizations that Carlynn and Larry chose in memorium to Carlynn’s life and her work. You donated generously and because of you $2500 was raised from September to October. All donations will be used as a match for the $250,000 Peter Kiewit Foundation capital challenge. A local artist, Evance, crafted a unique quilt…

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