Omaha Gives! May 22nd – Multiply the impact of $10

On May 22nd, the Omaha Community Foundation is challenging us to support to our favorite causes by donating during Omaha Gives! Over 300 local nonprofits have the chance to win matching funds and prize money for donations coming in that day.

Many of our supporters and collaborators are among the local nonprofits participating. The minimum donation online is $10. If you have a targeted amount for giving, you can ‘spread the love’ in $10 increments with several nonprofits and throughout the day.

What can No More Empty Pots do with $10? Believe it or not, a lot! Here is our top ten list:

 No More Empty Pots’ Top Ten for $10

  • Ten (10) liters of clay media for aquaponics system.
  • Nine (9) packs of labels for Teen Market Entrepreneurs.
  • Eight (8) seed packets for Truck Farm Omaha’s truck garden.
  • Seven (7) bottles of spices for seasonal cooking demonstrations.
  • Six (6) color signs for educational seasonal walking tours at 1127.
  • Five (5) tilapia fingerlings for the aquaponics system.
  • Four (4) complete Community Market Basket recipe books with color covers.
  • Three (3) big bags of ice for 30 volunteers at 1127.
  • Two (2) sets of seedling trays.
  • One (1) full season of plants with Benson Plant Rescue membership.

Save the date and get ready to give!

Join us from 11:30AM to 1:30PM  at 1127 North 20th Street for lunch with Island Seasons food truck; learn something from Truck Farm Omaha; check out the Whispering Roots aquaponics system; and see what’s growing in the mobile planters.

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