Whole Foods Market Sprouts NMEP Seed Fund

Thank you for supporting No More Empty Pots on Community Giving Day at Whole Foods Market. The frigid weather didn’t stop you from coming out and helping the cause on January 11th. Through your purchases, you raised $1,500 for the NMEP Seed Fund, a new program that supports local food entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses. Because of you, local startup food entrepreneurs will receive assistance with purchasing kitchen time, paying the kitchen deposit, updating recipes with local ingredients and consultant fees.

Do You Have a Local Food Business?

If you’re a local food entrepreneur looking to grow your business, consider renting one of our two state of the art commercial kitchens at the Food Hub in Florence. We offer hourly rates as low as $25, vendor resources and support and entrepreneurship assistance.

To learn more about how to get started, CLICK HERE.

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