Project Localize Comes to Life Through Artwork

Student Art from 2016 Project Localize

Project Localize in Omaha is an educational program that helps classrooms identify and promote sustainable economic, cultural and social progress in their communities. We work with schools to engage students in local foods discovery at school gardens and nearby farms. Students share what they find in their own voice through artistic photo collage in collaboration with curriculum developed by Lexicon of Sustainability. As of 2018, Project Localize in Omaha has expanded to five schools, eight grade levels (elementary to high school) and surpassing our goal of reaching 400 students through the program.

This spring semester students from Northwest High School and Harrison Elementary have been finishing their art projects. Teachers are noting that students are trying new foods, learning about where their food comes from and growing some of that food at their schools. Students are excited about creating artwork that teaches the public about what they learned at the farms. This spring, the schools will visit Common Good Farm in Raymond, Nebraska where they will see a working organic biodynamic farm with produce and animals. They will learn food production techniques and vocabulary that they will photograph and use in their artwork. Learn more about Common Good Farm HERE.

Project Localize in Omaha will be provide more training to teachers and administrators to be able to carry on the curriculum. Be on the lookout for pop-up art shows featuring the youth created artwork in the summer and fall of 2018.

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