Project Localize

PROJECT LOCALIZE is an educational program that helps classrooms identify and promote sustainable
economic, cultural and social progress in their communities. Initially for high school students, Omaha
is the first Project Localize site for elementary students. Students learn about what is happening in
their own local food system. The students map their findings in a unique project where they interview
food producers, farmers, and key stakeholders at the local level; create information artworks
illustrating what sustainability looks like in their backyards; and share their findings with their
communities as a lasting legacy.

In Project Localize we work with elementary schools to engage students in local foods discovery at
school gardens and nearby farms. Students share what they find in their own voice through artistic
photo collage and editing in collaboration with curriculum developed by Lexicon of Sustainability.

Project Localize brings together food, technology, art, and education while giving youth an
opportunity to share their voice and observations. Youth learn where their food comes from and how
to best to use it for their physical and intellectual growth.

Read about Project Localize in Omaha program expansion HERE.

Photo from Fontenelle Elementary class visit to organic dairy farm.

Students with calf

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