You Rocked Omaha Gives! 2018


On Wednesday, May 23rd you made great things happen once again. For two years in a row, you have rallied together to power the Culinary Workforce Training Program. This year, 159 unique donors raised $11,850! That is AMAZING.

Listen to the stories of past and present CWTP participants as they share how you’ve made a difference!

Your gifts will continue to make an impact by providing workforce trainees with the uniforms, hats, shoes, textbooks, knives, career coaching and multiple weeks of fresh local ingredients that they need to learn and thrive. These purchases also support our local economy by supporting local farmers and artisans.

Because of you, individuals are able to earn skills and an education that will lead to career paths with living-wage jobs. They will be able to start businesses in the community that employ and empower others. Because of you, they have the power to make great things happen.

Thank you for all that you do!




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