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Food Co-Ops and Community Harvest

One Farm is a produce and herb farm located in Logan, IA, owned and founded by farmer Danelle Myer. Danelle grew up on a soy bean, corn and cattle farm and after studying and working in Omaha, NE, she felt a calling to return to the farm and create her own life and business. Layers of meaning and life experiences are packed into the purpose and operations of One Farm. While not certified organic, the farm follows the basics of organic farming including composting, crop rotation and cover crops. Each practice builds soil which is the foundation of an organic growing system. According to the One Farm website, its name One Farm comes from the belief that every small act matters. It states, “One step, one new venture, one person, one small brave act can transform your life, your health and your general attitude and well being.” One Farm opened their first storefront market in late 2020 in Logan, IA, which has quickly become a one-stop shop for local food and entrepreneur products!


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