Cups Café

Since 2015 you have shared your opinions, aspirations, dreams, goals, disappointments, losses and laughter with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors in the café. We’ve bonded over a love for local foods, great coffee and wonderful people. On February 16, 2020 Cups Café at Little Italy permanently closed its doors…


Cups Café is a program of No More Empty Pots, a non-profit that strives to develop strong, food-secure communities. Cups Café serves specialty coffee, local and seasonal food, along with a meeting space available by reservation. It is a neighborhood café committed to helping the community become self-sufficient and food secure. We believe your time and money should make a difference in your community. You should have it all – great coffee, delicious food, and a mission to support. Cups Café, hold the community in your hands.

Visit Us

Located in the NMEP Food Hub
8501 N. 30th Street
Omaha, Ne 68112

Hours of Operation

Monday | 4:00p – 8:00p | Pay What You Can Happy Hour
Tuesday | 7:30a – 2:00p
Wednesday |7:30a – 2:00p
Thurs/Fri | 7:30a – 2:00p
Saturday | 8:00a – 2:00p
Sunday | Closed

Book the Café Conference Room at Florence

The Café Conference Room, located in the center of Cups Café at Florence, is a warm and inviting community meeting space equipped with wi-fi. As part of the Food Hub, the Café Conference Room is outfitted with furniture crafted from locally reclaimed materials and outfitted to create another energy saving and environmentally sustainable atmosphere.


8:00a – 2:00p: Tuesday – Friday
9:00a – 2:00p: Saturday – Sunday

Maximum capacity is 10 and includes conference table, television and phone. Full service café available. Custom catering available upon request. Two week minimum notice required. Specialty coffee, gluten-free, vegan, local and seasonal options available. 


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