Tomato Storage Tips!

Given frosty temperatures are less than ideal for tomatoes, they can be a tricky produce to know how to store! First, keep in mind whether or not your tomatoes have previously been refrigerated, then ask yourself if they are fully ripened. Overall, remember that once any tomato has hit its apex of ripeness, it’s time to refrigerate them or, better yet, eat up! It can take only hours for the tomato to start breaking down and rot, but the fridge can help buy you some time. Approximately 3 days of storage time is acceptable until some flavor and texture will be impacted. Most importantly, remember no tomato is the same and no tomato is affected by refrigeration equally!

If your tomatoes WERE NOT refrigerated previously (i.e. homegrown, farmers market, etc.):

If your tomatoes WERE refrigerated previously (i.e. purchased from the store or through Community Harvest):


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