Food Co-Ops and Community Harvest

Co-op is short for cooperative. Essentially a co-op is a store or business owned collectively by members. Members have the control to determine the type, quality, price and origin of products available and sold. No More Empty Pots’ Community Harvest program purchases local food products from The Nebraska Food Co-Op located just about an hour south of Omaha in Julian, NE. Their network of producers help provide products in our meals and CSA shares each week. Some of their member producers include Grain Place Foods, Shadow Brook Farms and Clear Creek Organic Farms.


The Nebraska Food Co-Op truck makes deliveries once a month. The truck starts out west and makes stops across Nebraska on its route back to Julian. No More Empty Pots receives local dry goods off the truck including products like oatmeal, rice, barley, quinoa, popcorn and more.


Overall, food co-ops are known for their ability to offer high-quality food at fair prices for both the shoppers and producers! The local economy is strengthened through co-ops because the money, jobs and food products are all kept in the community. Learn about the unique purpose and mission of Nebraska Food Co-Op and the Community Harvest Program by clicking the buttons below. 


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