Community Education


Community Education provides hands-on and community-responsive educational programming to youth, adults, and seniors. Programs integrate lessons involving locally sourced food preparation and nutrition, gardening and agriculture, and STEAM. Outcomes increase learners’ awareness and self-sufficiency while providing a deeper understanding of the food system.

Partner with our Team

Community-based organizations partner with No More Empty Pots to provide education focused on building self-sufficiency. Learn more about a potential partnership by providing your information and programming needs using the Community Education Request Form linked below.

Garden Education

Garden Education programming is designed to increase interest in sustainable food production, improve self-sufficiency through food access, and support community organizing and community capacity. Activities in this program engages youths to seniors in skill building that supports sustainable food-growing and production practices, environmental consciousness, and improved food self-sufficiency.

Supporting Community Gardens

Community gardens are a welcoming and inclusive place for individuals, groups, and families to grow healthy, affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. By providing access to urban agriculture in the heart of Omaha neighborhoods, the gardens help families improve their food security and self-sufficiency while building and maintaining a sense of community.  We connect neighbors and groups to resources to support the development and growth of community gardens. 

Community Nutrition

Community Nutrition education provides hands-on cooking education programming for all ages that centers on local, seasonal and healthy eating. Individuals learn skills such as nutrition, teamwork, culinary career education, and food-safety-focused cooking education. This program covers an array of activities including cooking demonstrations, tastings, and classes that support culinary-related education and self-sufficiency.

Cooking Demos & Tastings

NMEP provides nutrition education to multi-generational audiences in community places like libraries, afterschool organizations, schools and churches. The education sessions feature local, seasonal and garden fresh foods while supporting development of self-sufficiency skills. Tastings are available to introduce the community to provide access and opportunity to try new plant-based, healthy foods. 

STEAM Education & Food Systems

Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Math

Culinary and garden programming is integrated with science, technology, engineering, art, and math components that support interest and self-sufficiency in STEAM, culinary, and gardening skills. Participants will learn about food systems through STEAM, problem-solving or information-gathering projects, farm tours, food system professional interviews, and other creative and skill-building activities.

Culinary Certificate Program

No More Empty Pots 8-week Culinary Certificate Program provides hands-on skills based on-the-job culinary training for individuals currently working in the industry that want to sharpen and grow skills.

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