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Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Brownies, and Sweet Breads! Hello everyone! My name is Elana. I love to bake! When I was little, my mom and grandma always cooked us homemade dinners and delicious treats. I would always be standing on chairs just to reach the stove to stir the pot or turn on the oven light to watch cookies bake. I love everything about food and my creativity thrives every time I step foot in a kitchen. After graduating high school, I knew that I wanted my own restaurant or bakery. I attended Metropolitan Community College Institute for Culinary Arts and graduated with a degree in baking and pastry.

I started Crum Cakes Bakery in 2016. With every person I reach, I want them to feel the love and joy I put into each and everyone of my desserts. If you haven’t tried my cream puffs, they are a must! Soon to be opening a store front in the Omaha Area and hoping with your continued support we can make the world a sweeter place.
Raw organic kombucha producer, specializing in comfort flavors. We give back to the community by donating a portion of our proceeds to local nonprofits that help displaced felons, and mentor inmates to reentry through the organization Rise.
Elevated Aspect cold brew has bold flavor with chocolate and caramel notes that gives you the caffeine boost you need while satisfying your taste buds.
Authentic New Orleans Style Snowballs: Shaved Ice in a wide variety of exotic and classic flavors. We’re not your typical “snow cone”. Veteran Owned/Operated. No preservatives.
Carter & Rye is a female-led business selling sweet and savory pastries & specialty coffee that are playful and nostalgic. We sell hot pockets, hand pies, and specialty cold brew.
A snoball is finely fresh shaved ice the melts in your mouth. It’s a perfect blend of sno with flavors of your choice.

Ital Vital Living stands for the way Jamaican Rasta’s live an all natural plant based lifestyle. I bring that tradition into my food, cold pressed juices and smoothie bowls! Providing healthy affordable options to my community!

You can find Ital Vital at their new location: 2323 North 24th Street —— 10am-6pm

Elevated Event Catering is a full service catering company. We handle all aspects of event production from set up to service. Nothing is more important than the community we serve, so in return we partner with local non-profit organizations to source top quality produce from local farmers. Our passion is affordable quality food made from scratch. We never cut corners and make everything from scratch, the old fashioned way, it just tastes better! We use the best local produce available, giving back to the community that we serve. 

We’re a food truck, catering and pop up restaurant that makes craft wontons with a wide variety of flavors to choose from.
At O’tillie we strive to bridge the gap between farmer and consumer. Giving our customers choice by providing well-raised local meat products in the small-scale. We work almost primarily with whole animal butchery supporting small local farms that are taking the time, care and attention to raise their animals in the appropriate way to ensure good land stewardship and proper animal husbandry. Focusing on preservation and the promotion of little to no waste, providing our customers with the transparency and knowledge behind each one of our products and how they contribute to supporting a healthy local economy and environment.
Located in the Florence community, Best Burger. is a family owned fast casual dining experience- in other words, a burger takeout joint!
At Lean MEals we create individual meals that are health conscious and delivered to your door. We believe that food is the fuel that energizes both our bodies and minds. We eliminate the stress of meal planning and provide you with the nourishment your body needs to achieve your goals and enjoy life.
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