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The story of No More Empty Pots began when four friends came together with a desire to improve the quality of life for the community, North Omaha and beyond. Since 2010, No More Empty Pots has addressed food security, education and economic opportunity with a systems approach to solutions so that there will be “no more empty pots”. As we reflect on and celebrate the last 10 years, we maintain a strong conviction to prioritize thankfulness and giving back to continue to build momentum through gratitude and fuel the fight for continued support to families and individuals in 2021 and through the next decade. Take a look at how far we’ve come together. Share in the memories as we look forward to making new ones!

The Path We Took

Throwback to the Beginning

Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come until we’ve seen it in a photo or video. We decided to pull some video footage from the vault to see what the vision for NMEP was and how it has come to life from those who were there in the very beginning. Check out this reaction video from Nancy Williams and Susan Whitfield who have been there from the start. 

Nancy Williams & Susan Whitfield React

Quotes From Memory Lane

I remember well over 10 years ago when Nancy and Susan shared this dream about a food hub in North Omaha. They talked about this kitchen in LA that prepared meals for low income residents and employed and educated local talent in food preparation. And this hub would be located in North Omaha, amidst a serious food desert. And they DID build this hub and it IS working with local talent and delivering meals to hundred and hundreds of people in need of nutritional meals. Plus offering educational courses in gardening, food preparation, and nutritional needs --- a growing part of the work of the Hub. I have had the privilege of serving on the board of No More Empty Pots from its beginning and just recently “retired” from the board! I now have the privilege of being part of the staff working with educational opportunities and focusing on Senior Nutrition. Because of the leadership of Nancy and Susan and its dedicated staff, NMEP has been able to address major food needs during this pandemic! This has required long hours and tremendous amounts of flexibility and planning. In the months ahead, the NMEP team will meet this need and continue to grow its important work in the community.​​

Carolyn Owen Anderson

Former Board Member, Current NMEP Contractor & Lifelong Friend​

Take the Virtual Tour

Although we aren’t able to invite you into the Food Hub for our Annual Holiday Open House, we wanted give you a way to connect with the space. Check out these virtual video tours through the Food Hub. You can also follow these links to enjoy 3-D Room Tours of the CaféRooftop and Lower Level!

Cups Café

Kids Kitchen

Business Incubator

A 10th Birthday Treat - (no longer for sale)

Celebrate our 10th birthday with a Holiday Birthday Bundle. This Birthday Bundle was curated to share our love of local foods, education and entrepreneurship. Each item inside has been created by our Community Education Team, Culinary Certificate Program (CCP) Students and local food businesses renting the commercial kitchens at the Food Hub.

The Holiday Birthday Bundle Includes:

  • Whole Cinnamon Sticks: Provided By NMEP CCP
  • Vegan Granola: Provided By NMEP Community Ed
  • Vegan Apple Butter: Provided By NMEP CCP
  • Seasoning Blend (good for meat or veggies): Provided by Best Burgers
  • 10% Discount on Coffee Fridge Packs: Provided by Elevated Aspect

The Holiday Birthday Bundle is available for pick up on Fridays, December 11 & 18 OR Saturdays, December 12 & 19 at the Food Hub. 


10 Years in Photos

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