Harrison’s Party, A Vision of What’s to Come

Two years ago we met a blossoming young chef named Harrison. He loves getting creative when making his own recipes. At the time, he had just turned 11 and No More Empty Pots was privileged to help him celebrate his birthday with food. Harrison along with his closest friends and family threw down in the production kitchen on the lower level of the Food Hub to make amazing pizzas and emoji cookies using local ingredients! Now that the Kids Kitchen is complete, Harrison and other youth in the community will learn about food and celebrate birthdays through hands-on activities in a space designed for them. Because of you, the Kids Kitchen is a joyful, interactive space with 12 workstations outfitted with tools to explore the culinary world.

Celebrations are a great way of supporting learning in a creative way and a special time to make lasting memories with friends and family. To celebrate inspiring young chefs, we’re running a contest for a chance to Win A Birthday Party.


Visit the Community Education Page or email education@nmepomaha.org to learn more.


Book your next gathering, meeting or special event at the No More Empty Pots Food Hub or Cups Café at Little Italy. Catering options available.

Email reservations@nmepomaha.org to book

Spaces available for booking:
Kids Kitchen // Rooftop Garden // Business Incubator
Cups Café at Florence Conference Room and Dining Area
Cups Café at Little Italy Community Room at CO2 and Dining Area

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