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Her Fountain of Youth

Betty Davis Donates Soda Fountain to No More Empty Pots

July 11, 2017
Few visitors who sneak a peak at Betty Davis’ treasure trove of soda fountain collectibles can appreciate their impact on generations of Americans who grew up before the 1950s. The ice cream molds, dippers, five-headed READ MORE

A systems approach to addressing food insecurity

July 7, 2017
by Leo Adam Biga | The Reader
Nancy Williams has designed her nonprofit No More Empty Pots around “equitable access to local, fresh, affordable food” via a holistic approach. It offers the Community Market Basket CSA (community supported agriculture) as well as shared commercial kitchens, a training kitchen and classes. Its Food Hub in Florence is adding a business incubator, community cafe, kids kitchen and rooftop garden. READ MORE

Local support after Florence restaurant damaged by fire

                                         OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — Mouth of the South was the first new restaurant to open in the Florence area for quite some time and it was attracting many new people to the area. Early Wednesday morning a fire badly damaged the restaurant.  READ MORE

Food incubator programs help aspiring cooks and bakers build their startups from scratch

Scratch Baking Co. has enthusiastic owners, repeat customers and a menu of gourmet doughnuts in flavors including chocolate stout and honey ricotta peach.

What it doesn’t have is a storefront or a kitchen.

“Where are you guys located?” a customer asked on Facebook this summer. “I can’t find an exact address.  READ MORE

Omaha nonprofit organization makes fresh food more accessible

UPDATED 6:19 PM CDT May 18, 2016
By Melissa Fry | KETV
OMAHA, Neb. —For some families, access to fresh and healthy food isn’t convenient.

“We actually are both wanting to do more organic (foods) for the family and get more vegetables in there,” Rachael Wilson said.

[Video: Omaha nonprofit organization makes fresh food more accessible]

The Wilson family has eight members and doesn’t live near a grocery store. They have a hard time finding fresh, locally grown organic produce.

“So this is a blessing in disguise — this program,” Damien Wilson said. READ MORE

Nonprofit helping bring fresh fruit, veggies to North Omaha

Updated: APRIL 14, 2016 1:42 AM |

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — There are areas in the northern part of Omaha that are desperate for places that provide fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods. Experts say these things are essential for healthier living and better learning in children.WATCH VIDEO

Renaissance in Florence: New life and momentum for Omaha’s ‘oldest business district’

POSTED: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 2016 12:30 AM | UPDATED: 12:44 PM, WED APR 6, 2016.

Downtown Florence, one of the oldest parts of Omaha, is trying to become the latest historic neighborhood business district to be rediscovered by the rest of the city. READ MORE

2016 TEDxUNO Speaker

Nancy Williams | No More Empty Pots

“Good Food Matters: The Intersection of Food, Family, and Community”

If everyone knows that good food matters then why do we live in a world where contrary issues such as food desserts and food waste are such a problem? Using a local, systemic approach there is a way to bring good food to the places where it can make the most difference. WATCH TEDxUNO VIDEO

Immanuel Vision Foundation, a $55 million charity fund, sets sights on improving public health

Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2016 12:30 am

When an organization as big as “the church” tithes, big things can happen.

An approximately $55 million charitable fund, Immanuel Vision Foundation,  has been created from 10 percent of the $550 million Immanuel received in 2012 when it exited the Omaha metro’s READ MORE

Learn about volunteer opportunities at free local foods happy hour


No More Empty Pots is playing host to a free local foods happy hour where people can learn about volunteer opportunities with food-oriented groups. READ MORE

Midlands Voices: TEDx events offer ideas worth spreading to others


Smith is organizer of TEDxOmaha. Jager is organizer of TEDxUNO.

Anyone who has spent a small amount of time on YouTube in the last decade is probably familiar with the name TED. READ MORE

Grace: Nonprofit is cooking up a big spread for Florence ‘food hub’


The leaders of a nonprofit called No More Empty Pots had explained the concept of their latest venture and shown me drawings for a splashy multi-million-dollar project on a street corner in Florence. READ MORE

Douglas County eyes compost pile on former landfill site

October 31, 2014 -OMAHA, Neb. — Douglas County and local groups want to build a compost pile on the county’s closed former landfill site at 126th and State Streets as a pilot project for turning local food waste into compost for organic farms. MORE INFORMATION


Partnership hopes to bring compost to Omaha metro

October 30, 2014 -OMAHA, Neb. — Douglas County has a history of creativity when it comes to closed landfills. For instance, it turned one into a popular dog park. A new program will reuse food. MORE INFORMATION


USDA puts $940,800 behind farmers markets, local food

September 30, 2014 -OMAHA, Neb. — Federal grants totaling $940,800 were announced Monday for 13 programs in Nebraska and Iowa as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s support for farmers markets, locally or regionally grown produce and organic food.MORE INFORMATION


There Wherever Needed, No More Empty Pots

August 31, 2013 -OMAHA, Neb. — Passion. That’s the word that comes to mind when speaking with Nancy Williams and Susan Whitfield of No More Empty Pots. The pair works night and day to solve a problem that the people of north Omaha face each day—food insecurity MORE INFORMATION


Mayor Suttle Announces ‘Farms to Omaha’ Initiative

May 10, 2013 – Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle joined more than a dozen local agriculture producers at ‘No More Empty Pots’ to announce the launch of Farms to Omaha, a community-based initiative featuring local farmers, restaurant owners, and university officials committed to building a thriving farm to table culture in Omaha. MORE INFORMATION


eat real pledge

Remember the Eat Real Pledge!

Remember to track your ‘Eat Real’ activities all year long by going to No More Empty Pots and clicking on the ‘Eat Real Pledge’ icon. The link is also available here . No personal identifying information recorded. You only enter what you ate, grew, gave, or purchased. No More Empty Pots will keep the survey up until Food Day Omaha 2013. We will share the results of how Omaha is eating real and supporting local foods. After you enter your contributions, you will see the aggregate summary responses from everyone who has visited the page. Share with others. Thank you for eating real!

Omaha’s Public Radio Newsroom – KVNO

By Angel Martin, KVNO News; September 20th, 2011; Omaha, NE – Most would agree on the importance of having fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. So, what happens when people can’t eat an apple a day or cook with fresh vegetables? One community group hopes to correct this problem by making sure people fill their pots with healthy food.

The Brillance of a Scientist: George Washington Carver

By No More Empty Pots; May 25th, 2012; George Washington Carver was a ‘living green’ hero. Living green was a way of life for him and he spent his life sharing his admiration for plants with others through chemistry, art, and education.

Produce Program Helps Low-income Families – KETV

OMAHA —An Omaha Community Supported Agriculture program is working to provide locally-grown fresh produce to low-income families. Program organizers said all of the produce is picked within 24 hours of delivery. “The produce comes in fresh in the morning. We pack it in bags, and it’s gone in the afternoon,” Tomato Tomato owner Jody Fritz said.

Regional Collaboration Uses Local Food Systems to Expand Rural-Urban Partnership

December 28, 2010 – A regional initiative in Southwest Iowa originally intended to train farmers on local-food production has evolved into a rural-urban partnership that touches a poverty-stricken community. I joined USDA Rural Development Acting Deputy Under Secretary Doug O’Brien in Oakland, Iowa, recently to meet with officials from the Golden Hills Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) council. MORE INFORMATION

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