Jazz Marr

Community Education Assistant

Hi. I’m Jazz (they/them), one of the Community Education Assistants at NMEP. I have a background in urban agriculture and am in the process of starting my own farm. I started farming in 2020 and it’s something that brings me peace, power and healing. I dream of having a homestead one day growing everything my family and community could need. I’m particularly interested in plant medicine. All food is medicine but herbs particularly intrigue me. I hope to further my knowledge with them and connect with the native ones here in the Midwest. In my free time I like to hang out with my cat, Cleo, skate or go on walks by the river, practice my guitar, and hang out with friends/family. I spend a lot of time by the river and always go when I am needing to feel grounded. I love to spend time in nature and observe how things work. Like listening to the birds, watching how plants grow and looking for deer. They are things I’ve done since I was a child and even though time has passed, the calming feeling it brings me is the same.

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