Eric Purcell

Food Entrepreneur Manager

Eric Purcell has always loved starting things…from community oriented initiatives (like Gifford Park Soccer Camp), to non-profits (like Rooted Way) to businesses (like Myrtle & Cypress Coffeehouse). He started his first business in the first grade-a candy store. (It was a decent idea but when he ate all of his product on the first day, he had to close shop.) Eric has lived in Omaha for a little over ten years in the Gifford Park neighborhood. He is a certified coach and loves coming alongside others to help them connect to the good they are made to be in the world. He and his wife Lisa have been married 18 years and are self-described foodies. They have a long journey learning to bring nourishing food into their home to feed their three children, Norah (15) Brennen (12) and Lachlan (6) who all have various food allergy issues.  Eric‘s role at No More Empty Pots as the Food Entrepreneur Program Manager is the perfect combination of his entrepreneurial spirit, his desire to see people flourish through coaching and his heart for food justice.

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