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We met Emily and her mother three years ago as participants of the Community Market Basket Program. Each week when she picked up her box, we got to hear stories all the meals she was cooking at home. On one visit, Emily got a chance to meet Robin, our construction manager and learned that Robin makes sure the Kids Kitchen would be finished on time. “Women do all of the jobs here,” chimed 10 year old Emily to Robin.

“We have to come here as soon as it opens,” she gasped.  Emily loves to cook. She already has a list of recipes as long as her arm. She sees the Kids Kitchen as her pathway to becoming a chef.  We stand with Emily and others like her who dare to work hard to achieve their dreams. 

It’s now 2019 and we’re almost there. Emily’s dreams have nearly come to fruition with the completion of the Food Hub. Our new gap is $481,000 for Phase 2. Your gifts support youth, seniors, and food focused entrepreneurs by adding Cups Café at Florence for food distribution and workforce training, the Business Incubator for food business back office and creative support, and the Rooftop Garden for small scale intensive food production and renewable energy training.

Closing the gap now ensures that the Kids Kitchen will be ready to engage inspired young chefs like Emily for hands-on nutrition education and STEAM activities in June 2019. 

Emily, Age 10

If you prefer donating by check, please send to:

No More Empty Pots
PO Box 12143
Omaha, NE 68112

To donate shares of stock or consider us in your estate plans, please contact us by phone at 402.502.1642 or email at info@nmepomaha.org.

Every penny counts towards reaching ambitious goals of service where needed the most.

CAPITAL GOAL: $4 Million

GAP: $481,000

Raised - $3.5 Million


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