Cyndi Trail


Community Education Assistant

Cyndi Trail is a NMEP Community Education Assistant. She is a reference for those who want to forage for delicious wild foods to turn into salads, jellies, and baked goods. She grew up on a corn farm with a large garden and small livestock (chickens, geese, pigs, lambs), and her educational background is in Wildlife Biology, with reptiles and amphibians as her first love. However, her pertinent training for her role at NMEP is in wild plant identification, invasive plant control, managing land for the benefit of birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other wildlife. This meshes well with her hobbies: foraging, cooking, gardening. She also can contribute to those who are interested in sewing, mending, crocheting, basic small engine maintenance (lawn mowers), houseplant care, cooking for pets, and small livestock husbandry.


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