Culinary Workforce Training Program Manager

Culinary Workforce Training Program Manager


About No More Empty Pots

No More Empty Pots (NMEP) is a grassroots non-profit corporation that connects individuals and groups to improve self-sufficiency, regional food security and economic resilience of urban and rural communities through advocacy and action. No More Empty Pots’ vision is to support communities in becoming self-sufficient and food secure through collaboration and adhering to core values of education, stewardship, and sustainability.

position description

No More Empty Pots seeks a people-oriented manager with strong administrative skills and culinary experience to join the team. The Culinary Workforce Training Program is a WIOA-eligible, Nebraska Department of Education-licensed private postsecondary school, and currently operates by collaborating with a number of partners including Metropolitan Community College. This position is the team lead for the Culinary Workforce Training Program team including oversight of program operations and compliance, responsibility for tracking and maintaining the budget for the team, taking the lead on people management for the team, working with other team leads to coordinate programming, and setting and meeting data-driven program goals as established and updated throughout the year. The position reports directly to the CEO.


  • Manage all aspects of the program including all steps of  recruitment and admissions, culinary and workforce training, placement of students in HRI work experience placements, support of students with job search, management of contracts and agreements with partner organizations, coordination of shared programming with other NMEP team leads, and ensuring that applicants, students, and graduates receive appropriate supportive services and follow-up throughout their contact with the program
  • Ensure that all program requirements are met, stepping in to fill gaps beyond the scope of this specific job role as needed
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external program requirements including making updates to the program catalog, supporting the program in re-licensure and approval for certifications and eligibilities, and meeting all internal and external reporting requirements
  • Ensure collection and reporting of all data needed for both internal and external program monitoring and improvement purposes including collecting outcome data for graduates and exits
  • Guide the Culinary Workforce Training Program team to make program developments that will improve students’ educational and self-sufficiency outcomes while maintaining compliance with complicated and overlapping internal and external requirements
  • Recruit and place students in high-quality work experience placements to support the individual learning goals of students
  • Supervise work experience placements to ensure a quality experience for both students and site supervisors, including at least 2 on-site visits
  • Provide self-empowerment curriculum, serve as a secondary chef instructor, support the Lead Chef Instructor in documentation and inventory management, and provide other programming as needed


  • Coordinate internal and external program partners to deliver CWTP programming and communicate expectations to all stakeholders including managing contracts and agreements
  • Staffing, supervising, and training all CWTP personnel including staff and interns
  • Respond to participants’ concerns about programming, staff, and program partners including providing mediation and adjusting program requirements to meet the needs of  individual learners
  • Serve as the secondary role in the disciplinary and grievance processes, supporting the Lead Chef Instructor and CWTP Case Manager in ensuring that all policies are properly enforced and issues are handled expediently and appropriately
  • Performance management for CWTP staff including providing feedback, professional development training, and ensuring that staff are supported in meeting performance goals
  • Lead weekly team meetings, trainings, one-on-ones with team members, and other activities to support clarity and teamwork

10% financial management

  • Budget management for the Culinary Workforce Training program team
  • Ensure that the team’s financial documents are submitted in compliance with company policy including receipts, requisitions, invoices, and other sensitive documents
  • Oversee the Lead Chef Instructors’ inventory management and ordering activities, ensuring budget-conscious and values-driven resource management
  • Follow and set team and company policy to support the organizational goal to close books by the third of the following month and drive the Culinary Workforce Training Program team to reach program financial self-sufficiency

10% administrative

  • Attending or leading supervision and team meetings, responding to email and communications, professional development

other duties as assigned

  • All NMEP staff are expected to prioritize people and a focus on relationships while maintaining high standards of program delivery and using sustainable budgeting and time management practices.


required qualifications

  • Three (3) years of trade or professional experience at a journeyman level, or its equivalent in the trade or specialty to be taught, or a baccalaureate or associate degree in that trade or specialty and one (1) year of trade or professional experience at a journeyman level, or its equivalent in the trade or specialty to be taught
  • 3+ years food service management experience including training staff, leading team meetings, planning programming, managing a budget, and making data-driven, mission-focused decisions, preferably in the Omaha Metro market
  • Minimum of 36 months of professional kitchen experience at the journeyman level OR graduate of a culinary training program/school plus 1+ years of experience
  • Experience and skill to work with disinvested populations in a supportive learning environment and appropriately handle sensitive financial, HR, and other information and documents
  • Proficiency in Google Suite and Microsoft Office including Excel
  • Valid ServSafe Certification
  • Experience and skill to communicate effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Must be available during program hours and during required staff meetings and events such as graduation
  • Familiarity with the food system concepts such as zero-waste and seasonality and professional familiarity with the Omaha Metro local food system

Preferred Skills, Qualities, and Experience

  • Familiarity with the Omaha Metro social service system including employment services, federal and state benefits, and organizations that work with disinvested populations
  • Valid First Aid or other safety certifications
  • Conversational and written Spanish fluency preferred

FYI Competencies

Communicates Effectively

You’re comfortable using a broad range of communication styles, and you choose appropriate, effective ways to communicate to different audiences in diverse situations. You show this competency when you:
communicate in a respectful tone and in a timely manner
listen and ask questions to understand other people’s viewpoints
use effective cross-cultural communication skills
be impeccable with your word, speak with integrity, say what you mean

cultivates innovation

You use information from a variety of sources—including personal experience and your own observations—to identify and solve problems. You take pride in your work and strive for excellence to achieve the best possible results. You show this competency when you:
generate ideas for improvement
try innovative ways to get things done
evaluate work results for effectiveness
persist when difficulties arise
recognize the human, interpersonal and technical sides of a problem
access, analyze and apply knowledge and skills from various disciplines
think critically, strategically, and creatively

builds networks

You work cooperatively and collaboratively with others to achieve collective goals. You plan, implement, manage and measure projects and tasks in a timely and directed manner. You put this competency into practice when you:
establish priorities to meet deadlines and communicate in a timely manner regarding deadlines
accept and provide feedback in a constructive and considerate way
share information and encourage others to do the same
support and motivate the group to perform at its best
show accountability to the team and follow through on your commitments
be respectful of others’ time, work styles and responsibilities
build equitable relationships

demonstrates self-awareness

You use sound judgment to meet or exceed workplace guidelines, standards and expectations. You acquire and apply new knowledge and skills in all of your experiences. You show this competency when you:
recognize your rights and responsibilities
show a willingness to continuously learn and grow
request assistance when needed or when utilizing others’ abilities, knowledge and/or strengths would increase effectiveness of productivity
attempt not to take others’ actions personally, recognizing everyone has biases and references past experiences when determining how to best proceed
carry out multiple tasks or projects at the same time by prioritizing based upon impact and interdependencies
practice self-compassion and avoid self-abuse and negative self-talk

situational adaptability

You recognize how your beliefs, ethics and actions fit within the context of a greater community. You show this competency when you:
know your personal convictions and strive to put them into practice within the context of the situation or task
accept responsibility for your own actions and perceive how they might be interpreted by others
shows respect for others’ rights and diverse ideas when determining how best to respond to a situation
consider the broader implications of your decisions rather than reacting reactively in the moment – think long-term, not short-term
do your best every day, but recognize your best may very due to factors inside and outside of your control

Working Conditions and Physical Demands

  • Constantly operates a computer and other office equipment and supplies
  • Frequently moves about in a commercial kitchen setting, both on-site at NMEP and off-site at MCC or other locations
  • Frequently moves supplies weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Frequently positions self to reach products stored on high or low shelves
  • This person frequently communicates with staff, students, volunteers, vendors, guests to the program and others about program and organizational operations, policies, and products.
  • Must be able to communicate and exchange accurate and relevant information in these situations.
  • This person must be able to work effectively in environments that are often loud, cramped, or hot
  • Must be able to discern between acceptable and unacceptable product and cleanliness standards in a food service setting
  • Occasionally works in outdoor conditions or in natural environments when facilitating activities such as farm or garden tours


  • Permanent Full-time


  • Commensurate with experience, starting at $38,000 annually

reports to

  • CEO

to apply

To be considered for this position, please submit a resume and cover letter to No More Empty Pots at jobs@nmepomaha.org . Be sure to include why this position with No More Empty Pots is a good fit for you.
No More Empty Pots does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, and/or political affiliation in its programs, activities, or employment.
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