Burbach's Countryside Dairy

Located in Hartington, NE, Burbach’s Countryside Dairy not only produces fresh delicious milk but their family farm also prioritizes sustainability by using glass bottles, making them a valued partner of Community Harvest. Community Harvest offers their milk and single-serving yogurt cups as value-added products on our webstore. Burbach’s milk is produced without the use of artificial hormones, and their yogurt is produced without artificial ingredients or preservatives. The Burbach’s Countryside Dairy website states, “Unlike most companies, we know exactly where our cows live and breathe, and what they eat every day! This way, we can be sure our milk is healthy and full of nutrition!”

Did you know?

No More Empty Pots encourages the use of glass as part of our zero-waste practices because it is a sustainable and reusable. Continue to support the zero-waste movement by leaving your used milk bottles out for your delivery driver or return at pick up each week.

Photo Source: https://www.burbachscountrysidedairy.com/


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