Audrey Woita

Project Lead

Audrey has over 25 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering training to a wide spectrum of audiences. Her desire to make every learner successful coupled with a creative tenacity to make learning effective and enjoyable, provides end users of her training with meaningful knowledge and applicable skills.

Graduating with a major in Early Childhood Education, she started her teaching career in the inner city of Los Angeles, in a program that educated children alongside their parents. Creating communities of support was natural, but weaving in good parenting practices and healthy habits allowed moms honesty and education. Several years later, in Colorado, Audrey taught K-3, moving up with students in a looping program, allowing her to grow with students. Incorporating Multiple Intelligences content was one way she created curriculum and gained attention to be included in a leadership development program.

After completing her graduate degree in Instructional Design, Audrey joined the eLearning University at Oracle. Along with a team of 20, she designed the standard processes for moving formal instructor led courses to an online environment. She supported global implementation projects by customizing online content for specific audiences. Managing projects fit well, when freshly relocate to St Louis; she began her Maritz career with corporate clients such as Cingular, Coco-Cola and Firestone. When the Maritz landed a large HP project, Audrey was promoted to Producer, where supported both online programs and managed three websites. Maintaining sight of the strategic goals while driving deliverables and deadlines is key to managing people and technical projects well. She finds clarity in direction, regardless of the technology involved or project team skill level.

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